Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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Guess the top five acts on my list of "must see" artists
and win a CD by one of those artists, my choice.
( in the event of multiple correct guesses, winner will be
chosen with extreme prejudice )
You can leave your guess in comments or, e-mail me.
If you leave your guess in the comments, be prepared
to give me your mailing info off site.

Time is short, act now !
_______CONTEST FINI_______
Well, the musical weekend is behind us now...
A fine weekend indeed.
The atmosphere downtown made it seem
like a different place. People came from miles
around and enjoyed the novel ability to stand
with one foot in Tennessee and the other in Virginia.
As for the contest, I had two very close
guesses with a correct three out of five.
No one got all five...
These were the top five on my list of artists
to see.
There were several bands in the second tier
selection process that could have easily been
bumped up a notch but, I had this list set
before the contest and I'm sticking to it.
Click on the links to each and learn why...
More later.