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A Good Soak...


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My Photos

I have added a link at the right to my photographs at flickr.
I have only just begun to upload and arrange so, check back often.

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Badges ( Part IV )

My final post on Badges.
In 2001 I traveled to Chicago to attend my first ever "House Concert".
I posted about this event back in September which can be
found Here.
David Wilcox , the one from Asheville, not Canada, came to entertain a
group of about 45 Internet "list" fans from all over the country and beyond.
We had a couple that came from The Netherlands and another from Berlin.
David performed at a nearby college on Friday night, which most
of us attended. Saturday evening was our turn and David had done his
homework and managed to engage the audience on a personal level, knowing
a little something about most of the people in the room, he would write
people into the lyrics or he would pretend to forget lyrics and bring
people up to sing. I, for obvious reasons, was called on to sing
the song Block Dog. I was very nervous but I think I got through it okay.
We were treated to a show that lasted around 4.5 hours and
you couldn't have asked for a greater experience.
Badges? We didn't need no stinkin' badges, but, we had them
for fun. Above is my badge, signed and the pick that
David used at both shows that weekend.
Yes but Block, why does that badge have a pair
of briefs in the center, you may wonder.
Well, our hostess with the mostest, Paula The Music Junkie,
came up with an idea to make the event a little *more* by
contacting a local shelter and asking them what they
most needed. Underwear was the reply so, we gathered new packs
of various styles of undies in a 55 gallon barrel for
to deliver to the shelter.
A grand time was had by all and I have become a fan
of house concerts with a desire to one day start my own.
Anyway, if you have a band or a festival or any event and
would like someone to design a "pass" for same...
Drop me a line and let's work something out. ;-)

Badges ( Part III )

2001 rolls around and it's back to 12th & Porter
for another round of warm up shows for
The Power to Believe.
I saw K.C. a few more times that year
and it was fun to watch the material morph
and come together.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sam's Gap

Badges (Part II)

So, also in 2000, after the positive outcome from
my King Crimson badge effort, I whipped up this one
for a show in Knoxville, TN for the same reasons.
I did not create these badges for to create chaos at these events.
A friend who went with, despite my protesting, decided to try
the badge out for it's power of confusion.
He got up and headed straight for the curtains leading to backstage,
with security in place, he breezed right through.
Next thing I know he strolls out on stage during the set change with
Tull's stage crew and tour manager all around him, he stands at Ian Anderson's
mic and stage position.
I have a picture of him up there but, I don't know if I should post it here
without asking him first.

10 Items Or Less

The Thanksgiving holiday allows for some "catch up" movie viewing.
One of my favorites from the selection, "10 Items Or Less".
The critics aren't kind to this Indy film for the most part.
They say it is about nothing which couldn't be farther from the truth.
Sure, it lacks side splitting slapstick for the most part, it doesn't have
a special effects budget that could have fed a small third world country
for a week, but, it represents a slice of life where two
people from different worlds take a moment in time to
experience some human contact, encourage a stranger and
examine the human condition.

If "Pieces of April" is in your list of Holiday viewing then I think
you will appreciate this movie as I did.
About an actor who hasn't worked in four years, gets an offer
to star in a low budget, Indy film and travels out of
his realm to scout and study for a part in a part of town that
isn't his regular level of stomping grounds.
The film company is shaky at best and when Morgan's character
is dropped at a grocery store to study for his part, he finds himself
stuck there as his ride never returns to collect him.
He befriends a young and pretty Spanish girl who
is in charge of the 10 items or less register.
This develops into a relationship by which both characters
find themselves helping the other in ways that each needed
at the time.
In one segment they discuss 10 items or less that
you would keep in your life if you could only keep 10.
This makes for a good discussion for Thanksgiving, no ?
If you require huge explosions and car chases in your entertainment, then,
this film may not be for you.
If you are open to inspiration towards helping others, then, by all means...


In the year 2000 a few internet friends, whom I had never met, were gathering in NashVegas, TN for to witness King Crimson "Warm Up" shows for their subsequent World Tour for The "Construction of Light". They were performing for three nights in a small club, which was a treat, indeed. (12th & Porter)

It was decided that we needed a way to spot one another and the Badge was born. I decided to try my hand at creating something for the occasion, having enough knowledge in Photoshop to be dangerous. Little did I know that my badge would be decent enough to confuse security.

It is rare to never that KC performs a "cover" but we were treated to this awesome version
of "Heroes" as an encore.
This is not the Nashville performance but, you get the idea. ( Video courtesy of Bootleg TV )
Robert Fripp played this lead guitar part on the original with Bowie. Adrian Belew became David's band director for the "Sound & Vision" tour so, he also had previous experience with this song.


Taken several years ago at Asheville Recyclers
when they were on Biltmore Ave. I don't think
they *are* at all these days.

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Adrian Belew - Side Four Live ORDER NOW !!!

photo by Mark Colman
Click on Cover Art to place your order today
(available in Signed or Not So Signed )
here are the delicious treats awaiting you when
you sit down to feast on side four (live)
writing on the wall
young lions
beat box guitar
matchless man
a little madness
of bow and drum
big electric cat
three of a perfect pair
thela hun ginjeet
the pumpkin pie is optional.
happy thanksgiving everyone.
( From Adrian's Elephant Blog )

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Adrian Belew - Side Four Live Update Update !!!

Pre-orders for Side Four will be taken on Tuesday, November 20th !

You heard it here first folks...

Adrian Belew - Side Four Live Update

From Elephant Blog

the parts for side four (live) were sent to the pressing plant to begin the manufacture two weeks we will begin accepting orders.I'm told they will make lovely Christmas giftsfor unsuspecting, friends and relatives.
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

a little madness...
looking over the color proof for the artwork for side four (live) eric commented on the name change I've made for the song madness from side one. on the live record the title is now a little madness. there are two reasons why: first, on the live version I say "a little madness" over eric's drum intro, but second and more importantly it's a money saving device. how so? you might ask. when I was writing madness I considered singing a lyric about a young musician who believes he is being "visited"in his dreams by aliens, who are teaching him ways to do incredible things with the healing sounds of music. he believes he is learning to cure certain diseases just by playing specific sounds which radically affectand alter the listener's molecular makeup. the problem is: it's driving him crazy! as part of the lyric I had written a speaking part as an intro before the massive blast of music begins. fittingly I remembered a scene in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey the music in the scene had a profound effect on me. it was a piece by Katchaturian. so for the intro with the spoken voiceI decided to play a small portion of the Katchaturian piece on guitar with a bed of synthesizer "space" sound beneath it. the whole bit was 50 seconds long. the song was nearly 7 minutes. eventually the vocal/lyric idea didn't pan out. I guess I'm not a good enough actor. but martha was convinced the music was my masterpiece. whether or not you agree with that assessment trust me, it is much better without my vocal idea. I dropped the vocal but I still liked the 17-second guitar intro so I left it that way. I didn't even think the Katchaturian music might not be public domain. just before side one was to be released we received a call from the dead Mr. Katchaturian's publishing company. it was too late just to leave off the 50 seconds of Katchaturian (the record was already mastered) so we had to bow to their demands for 50% of the publishing on my seven-minute masterpiecefor the privilege of 50-seconds of the dead Mr. Katchaturian's music. evidently the afterlife must be an expensive place. and that is why there is a new piece on side four (live) called a little madness.

-adrian belew from elephant blog

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UPDATE: Zappa Plays Zappa Live DVD - Available NOW
Get your's here: Barfko Swill

Zappa Plays Zappa is back on the road, check the tour dates at Zappa Plays Zappa. Do not miss them if you can manage. They are off to the land down under after these U.S. dates...

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Our Torturing Ways...

Do you write to your congress personalities ? It's a good time to start. Especially to Senators Feinstein and Schumer, whether you're in their state or not.
What are they thinking ?