Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Photos

I have added a link at the right to my photographs at flickr.
I have only just begun to upload and arrange so, check back often.

block_dog's photosMore of block_dog's photos


Anonymous said...

Okay, now you've sold me on Flikr! I've used Kodak and Photobucket up to now... but they're not designed very well, in my opinion.

I browsed through the first 10 pages. Can you point out some faves (600-plus images!?).

The lure of statues and monuments is obvious. You've captured some beautiful images here. But I think it's criminal for you to shoot in b & w, if you have such a keen eye for colorful things. :)

Thanks for sharing these...


blockdog said...

Thanks Rebecca.
On the first page of my flickr site, you will notice that the photos are arranged in groups. It's easier to browse through the groups then the whole ball of wax at once. The slide show is handy too and you can set the speed on "fast" to get through them more quickly. ( it has a pause mode as well )
I am uploading in droves, yes, I have some favs but, I couldn't tell you where and what they are right now, I'm still sorting and organizing.
I've obviously uploaded some of the shots that probably shouldn't have been as well, I'll get to sorting them out of there, eventually.