Saturday, November 17, 2007

Adrian Belew - Side Four Live ORDER NOW !!!

photo by Mark Colman
Click on Cover Art to place your order today
(available in Signed or Not So Signed )
here are the delicious treats awaiting you when
you sit down to feast on side four (live)
writing on the wall
young lions
beat box guitar
matchless man
a little madness
of bow and drum
big electric cat
three of a perfect pair
thela hun ginjeet
the pumpkin pie is optional.
happy thanksgiving everyone.
( From Adrian's Elephant Blog )


Pete Franke said...

HAHA, dont you have anything better to do??

I feel like Im floating in a weightless ether, which will collapse as soon as everybody realizes there's weightless ether out here!

cheers man and see you at the show


blockdog said...

Answer: No

I'm floating in Mango Jell-O myself.
( Jell-O is a registered trademark and makes no recommendations regarding the floating in thereof.)

Pete Franke said...

Jello, huh? Well, floating in jello definitely qualifies as 'something better to do', so carry on!

heehee, Im stoked! But I need to get some sleep so Im off.

Cheers, and thanks for keeping the fires burning