Saturday, November 24, 2007

Badges ( Part IV )

My final post on Badges.
In 2001 I traveled to Chicago to attend my first ever "House Concert".
I posted about this event back in September which can be
found Here.
David Wilcox , the one from Asheville, not Canada, came to entertain a
group of about 45 Internet "list" fans from all over the country and beyond.
We had a couple that came from The Netherlands and another from Berlin.
David performed at a nearby college on Friday night, which most
of us attended. Saturday evening was our turn and David had done his
homework and managed to engage the audience on a personal level, knowing
a little something about most of the people in the room, he would write
people into the lyrics or he would pretend to forget lyrics and bring
people up to sing. I, for obvious reasons, was called on to sing
the song Block Dog. I was very nervous but I think I got through it okay.
We were treated to a show that lasted around 4.5 hours and
you couldn't have asked for a greater experience.
Badges? We didn't need no stinkin' badges, but, we had them
for fun. Above is my badge, signed and the pick that
David used at both shows that weekend.
Yes but Block, why does that badge have a pair
of briefs in the center, you may wonder.
Well, our hostess with the mostest, Paula The Music Junkie,
came up with an idea to make the event a little *more* by
contacting a local shelter and asking them what they
most needed. Underwear was the reply so, we gathered new packs
of various styles of undies in a 55 gallon barrel for
to deliver to the shelter.
A grand time was had by all and I have become a fan
of house concerts with a desire to one day start my own.
Anyway, if you have a band or a festival or any event and
would like someone to design a "pass" for same...
Drop me a line and let's work something out. ;-)

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