Friday, November 23, 2007

10 Items Or Less

The Thanksgiving holiday allows for some "catch up" movie viewing.
One of my favorites from the selection, "10 Items Or Less".
The critics aren't kind to this Indy film for the most part.
They say it is about nothing which couldn't be farther from the truth.
Sure, it lacks side splitting slapstick for the most part, it doesn't have
a special effects budget that could have fed a small third world country
for a week, but, it represents a slice of life where two
people from different worlds take a moment in time to
experience some human contact, encourage a stranger and
examine the human condition.

If "Pieces of April" is in your list of Holiday viewing then I think
you will appreciate this movie as I did.
About an actor who hasn't worked in four years, gets an offer
to star in a low budget, Indy film and travels out of
his realm to scout and study for a part in a part of town that
isn't his regular level of stomping grounds.
The film company is shaky at best and when Morgan's character
is dropped at a grocery store to study for his part, he finds himself
stuck there as his ride never returns to collect him.
He befriends a young and pretty Spanish girl who
is in charge of the 10 items or less register.
This develops into a relationship by which both characters
find themselves helping the other in ways that each needed
at the time.
In one segment they discuss 10 items or less that
you would keep in your life if you could only keep 10.
This makes for a good discussion for Thanksgiving, no ?
If you require huge explosions and car chases in your entertainment, then,
this film may not be for you.
If you are open to inspiration towards helping others, then, by all means...

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