Tuesday, February 19, 2008


free mp3"Falling For It"
David Wilcox has a new album plus a new 2 disc DVD ready to go.
Airstream was titled after David, Nance and Nathan sold their home in Maryland
and spent a year and a half touring the country in a bio-fueled Airstream trailer, playing
gigs along the way. I was lucky enough to catch a double bill with David & Darrell Scott
sharing the stage in Blacksburg, VA.

Anyway, the album and DVD aren't officially released as of this writing but, you can order
your copy right now and they are shipping right now. Click on the cover of either item above
to visit What Are Records and place your order.

You can hear the entire new album streamed at David's official site.

The DVD, "Live At The Workplay Theatre, contains an entire concert on disc one with
lots of extra goodies on disc two which you can read about at the official site.
There is also a couple of free MP3 downloads available.

I have heard a few of these new songs several times and I already know I'm going to like it.
If you're a fan, I think you will, too. If you're not, I think you will be

I also caught David's Thankgiving Homecoming show in Asheville, NC, which used to be
an annual event. I hope it will be again.
At this show they announced the end of their travels and the decision to settle, once again, in Asheville. This works out good for Moi if he resumes the heavy home court schedule that
he used to keep.

That show was memorable in that he broke out a lot of older tunes for the home crowd such as Bob Franke's "For Real", one of my favorites.

Pick up on it and tell 'em Block Dog sent ya, after all, that's where I stole the moniker.

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