Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Adrian Belew !

Photo by Mark Colman

Well, being slow to post these days, a very Happy Belated Birthday to Adrian Belew who celebrated the big 50+8 as of yesterday, December 23rd.

In honor of the occasion my friends at Prog'Opolis did a special "Birthday" broadcast featuring Adrian music from a variety of involvement, several of which are from the new Side Four (live). You can stream the program and/or download the Podcast at The Dividing Line. The site also features the playlist from said program.

Another "Adrian" special ran today and I am sorry not to get the word out it time. Jonny Mambo over in North Carolina did a "Birthday" show featuring Adrian this a.m., I do not know if the show will be archived for future streaming or Podcasting.

"If you don't know about Adrian's music, tune in to WCOM, 103.5, FM, this Monday from 9-12:00 A.M. (or stream if you live outside of theCarrboro/Chapel Hill Kingdom) and get the "try it you'll like it treatment-or-double your money back guarantee"-per Mojo Ballroom Policy(please read extra fine print about guarantee with strong magnifying glass placed on top of powerful microscope-Latin dictionary may also come in handy).Stream for the program can be found here "

Give both of these shows a try sometime anyway.

Happy Birthday Adrian !

Happy Birthday Frank Zappa ! ( December 21st )

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and or whatever it is you might celebrate in your world.


belewbloggfan said...

Hi there Block Dog!
Just wanted to wish you and yours an extra special Happy Hollandaise, or Happy Festivus, or whatever it is you want to call this excuse for a turkey pig-out! Hope you have a great day
: )
Warmest regards,

Prog'opolis said...

Well wishes for a happy new year, Block Dog! Thanks for putting the word out there about our show, and for helping to promote Adrian!

Much Love,
Vince and Daisy
Prog'opolis hosts