Saturday, December 29, 2007

Michael Hedges

I will be scanning some photos from a Michael Hedges show that I took at the defunct "Be Here Now" in Asheville, NC. The show was in 1995 and Michael Manring was present as well.


tagryn said...

Looking forward to seeing the MH photos!

Tickledrop said...

Sheesh. What a damn hassle. So they have 600 photos that you no longer can access or see? What the hell? Sounds like a lot of work for nothing. I have a flkr account I think.

So who is Michael Hedges? I am not familiar.

blockdog said...

flickr situation resolved but it was a drwn out, painful effort to get there.

Get ye to Youtube now and search for Michael Hedges, the late, great. He was a guitar inovator, copied by many these days, Kaki King and Richard Leo Johson come to mind.

He used the whole guitar, playing rhythm with his fretting hand and leads with his right, tapping, plunking, drumming and things which are difficult to describe.
Check him out, it is required listening. :-)


Tickledrop said...

Okay. Wiki was informative. You know what's sad -- I remember Bill, my late husband, telling me about Hedges accident and it was the next year that Bill passed away and I never did check out any of Hedges music. Interesting.

There was a guy that opened for Adrian in Springfield OH in 2006 that was a lot like this. He played the shit out of the acoustic and played percussion using his hands, legs, head, mouth, etc. He was quite good and got a lot of audience support. I'll find his name later when I am at home.

Thanks for the idea...