Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Earth Hour, is so simple to participate in, yet is powerful beyond imagination.

You won't even believe the impact you'll make.
How? By turning off all lights for just one hour tonight,
Saturday, March 29, starting at 8PM (your local time).

That's right, for just one hour.
This event was created by the World Wildlife Fund in
Sydney, Australia in 2007... and the impact it created
was so huge that it's blossomed to a global event within only a year.

Last year, it reduced Sydney's energy consumption by a whopping 10.2% for one hour,
which is the equivalent of taking 48,000 cars off the road for a year!

Well, they're doing the same thing tomorrow night,
but this time it's global and with many more millions
of people around the world involved.

Imagine the impact!

Please join me in bringing harmony to the earth tonight.

Go ahead, turn out those lights!

Go to this site for more info.
What do you have to lose?

1 comment:

belewhale said...

Those energy saving stats are mind blowing :)
Just imagine - if everyone in the world, who consumes electricity, were to participate in just this one hour - how much of a difference it would make to the environment!
I've always tried to be energy conscious (especially when it comes to water - coming from 'dry' Australia) - stop that dripping tap; install a water-saving (dual-flush) toilet - toilets in North America use way too much water!; collect all rainwater run-off; plant drought-resistant native-species gardens; turn off that light/TV etc when you leave the room; turn down the heat at night etc etc.....
The latest one - put all your TV/Home Theatre/Stereo components on the one power bar - and turn it all off at night... Those stand-by switches waste TONS of electricity every day! What an idea :)
There are lots of things we all can do to help our planet in this time of crisis... Just this week another huge ice-shelf in Antarctica broke off and fell into the ocean!

What do we have to lose, you ask...
Quite simply ..... EVERYTHING!

Thanks for the timely heads-up Blockie :)