Saturday, March 8, 2008

Griff copy

Griff copy
Originally uploaded by block_dog
This one is a combination of two photos, one is a detail of a fireplace mantel at Whitehall Inn, Dillard, GA and the second layer is a photograph of a painting that I am not sure that I am done with.


belewhale said...

Your work is truly amazing Blockie!
I sure wish I had some understanding of how you do it.... One day, when I get some bloody time - I'm gonna find out how :)
I just love the textures and the colours - I never tire of looking at them.... incredible talent!
Thank you for sharing them here on your blog :)

blockdog said...

Why thank you Wendy, it's good to know that someone enjoys my dabbling and doodling as much as I do. :-) I just wonder if it has any commercial appeal. lol