Sunday, October 14, 2007

Buying The War

I know it's a lot to ask, for over an hour of your time, to watch a documentary but this is "Must See TV". ( someone probably has a copyright on "Must See TV". )
In America we tend to prefer an easier watch such as "American Idol" or "Friends" but, take a chance, this film is informative and riveting. More importantly, it is full of information that America needs to know.

I also highly recommend "Buying The War" from Bill Moyer's Journal which can be seen

I have become a fan of the documentary format, in part, thanks to "Doc Day" on The Sundance Channel.

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Anonymous said...

No time to watch right now..but promise I will!!

Ya know, people really do need to read up on fascism..I think if people saw how very heavy handed things are in the gov..and recognized that state rights have become meaningless..that everything is becoming nationalized and how very scary and dangerous that is..they might just vote differently this time. I can only hope!