Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trying To Be Less Polite...

I went to see Tommy Womack and Will Kimbrough last night at my favorite little listening room, The Down Home in Johnson City, TN.
A great show by two very talented players and songwriters. It was obvious they were doing what they love and and having fun doing it.

Will's "Americanitis" from last year is full of catchy tunes with relevant lyrics and releases some angst and frustration over the current climate in our violent trend toward world domination. It was followed this year with "EP" which is an 8 song disc with a minimal approach as far as addtional instrumentation is concerned.

For those unfamiliar with Will's work, here's a brief bio from
This bio isn't current as it does not cover Will's work with Jimmy Buffett in the last few years.If your a Buffett fan, you have probably heard Jimmy cover Will's "Piece of Work", which is a marvelous song that deserves to be heard by the masses.

by Rev. Keith A. Gordon
Best-known as a name in the CD liner notes of some of the hippest country and rock artists of the '90s and 2000s, both Will Kimbrough's solo and his band work have been championed by critics on both sides of the ocean. Kimbrough first came to the attention of the industry as frontman for Will & the Bushmen, a popular college rock band formed in the unlikely locale of Mobile, AL. The Bushmen pounded out a reputation on the Southeastern frat-party circuit, releasing the self-produced Gawk in 1985. The band was signed to SBK Records on the strength of their popular live show, releasing the self-titled Will & the Bushmen album in 1989. The band moved to Nashville to record their third album, Blunderbuss, released in 1991. The album yielded a minor hit, but the band broke up in the aftermath of SBK's bankruptcy.Kimbrough formed the Bis-Quits with friends Tommy Womack (Government Cheese) and Mike Grimes (Bare Jr.), the band releasing a self-titled collection of whip-smart roots rock in 1993 for John Prine's indie Oh Boy Records. On the strength of his vastly underrated guitar skills, Kimbrough embarked on a career as an in-demand session player and touring musician, working with artists like Kim Richey, Todd Snider, Rodney Crowell, Steve Forbert, and Amy Rigby. Kimbrough recorded his first solo album in 2000, a collection of shimmering pop-flavored rock titled This, released on his own Waxy Silver Records. Later that year, Kimbrough reissued the Bushmen's Gawk on CD for the first time. In between the demands of session and road work, Kimbrough found time to record his second album, Home Away, released on Waxy Silver in 2002. Since that time, Kimbrough has kept busy releasing a handful of albums including among others Americanitis in 2006 and EP in 2007. A gifted songwriter and talented musician influenced by giants like John Lennon and Alex Chilton, Kimbrough would be a most valuable player on anyone's team.

Tommy's bio at AllMusic is criminally short and needs a good updating.

A onetime member of the post-punk unit Government Cheese, singer/songwriter Tommy Womack later resurfaced in the roots-rock band the Bis-quits, finally going solo in 1998 with the LP Positively Na-Na. Stubborn followed two years later. As an author, he also won acclaim for his memoir Cheese Chronicles: The True Story of a Rock & Roll Band You've Never Heard Of.

Tommy Womack has also done extensive recording and touring with Todd Snider.
Will and Tommy did a, so far, one off recording as a unit known as "Daddy" and the only
release is "Daddy, Live At The Woman's Club".

So, let me give you a taste of what the Will / Tommy experience is like, courtesy of YouTube.

"Trying To Be Less Polite"

A Nice Day With Tommy Womack

Will Kimbrough - "Piece of Work"

Jimmy Buffett's version with footage from "Lost"

Tommy Womack - Cockroach After The Bomb

Will - "Act Like Nothing's Wrong"

Tommy - "I Miss Ronald Reagan"

Will - "Everybody's In Love"

Tommy " Alpha Male & The Canine Mystery Blood"

Will "Life"

The quality of these recordings vary, hopefully it's enough to get you interested.


Deb said...

Hey, bd, thanks for the vids.
Bewdy plac u gotz herez, mabee i stix arown.

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Deb said...

hey, BD!!!! you got Will's phone number?? He's the new Bob, LOL!!!
Kate, stay away!!!! he's mine!!!!!!


blockdog said...

No but I have his e-mail address. LOL. Look up Will's Myspace Page, he blogs a lot lately.

I don't know why, nor do I have control over the "sponsored" Google ads. Well, that's not completely true, I can turn them off completely if I wish.

Thanks for dropping by...

Anonymous said...

Now Deb, you know I can't do that! I'm makin' no promises to stay away from either Will or Bob! You know those musician types are irresistible.

Love the vids BD. AND the slideshow. Yummy stuff here. Thanx
Proud to not be too polite,