Saturday, August 16, 2008

King Crimson V.VIII August 3rd, Nashville (Night Two)

After the show Saturday night and, before dinner, we stayed around
the venue for a while, chatting with other fans, absorbing the glow
of the aftershow.
We noticed that the car next to mine had a parking ticket on it, $50.00. Ouch !

The venue sent out a last minute e-mail stating that we could use the lot
for free but, we had to get a ticket by using a special code.

Pat and Gavin came out and chatted with those of us hanging about, signed some
stuff, the usual escape / meet & greet stuff.
Gavin eventually got in the vehicle with the ticket on it. ( Maybe Pat too )
I hoped they wouldn't have to pay that fine.

Sunday afternoon, I arrived in Hillsboro Village a little later then I did Saturday,
my brakes sounding somewhat similar to the discordant section of Sex, Sleep,
Eat, Drink, Shave (optional), Dream.

Tickledrop was holding our place in line this time and I was able to stand in line
for a shorter period. Thanks Tickle !
Her sister was to join us also, she arrived a little later.
Again, it was fun getting to know our queue mates.
A young couple in front of us from Arkansas were there for their first K.C. experience,
they can be seen in a Sid Smith vid on the DGM site as well as Tickledrop ( Rena Faye).
The edge of my white shirt also made the cut .

Second row tonight, directly in front of the Twang Bar King.
I managed to stay with Tickledrop and her sister for the duration this time and
what fun it was.

After we settled, we took turns making our way back up to the lobby for more merch
perusing and bathroom breaks.
The ever lovely Martha was at the top of the aisle with Ava & Leah. My, Ava has sure grown.

We spoke briefly, exchanged hugs, and then got ready for showtime.

Merch, merch, merch...

I picked up the Gavin Harrison cd "Drop" and # 12 of only 500 of the lithograph
of the In The Court of the Crimson King cover art. Tickledrop has # 13.

( Too much money on merch ! )

Tickledrop gifted me with a Discipline "celtic knot" mousepad, which made great personal
fans when the room got too warm. ( the A.C. in The Belcourt actually works very well )

Thanks Tickledrop !

The same intro music, the same announcement except, this time the announcer allowed
a little more space for thunderous applause after the "40th Anniversary Tour" part.

The Crim hit the stage to an a standing ovation , to which Adrian replied, "Thank you, goodnight !"
Always good for a laugh, that one.

Drum Duo
Construction of Light

I think they got a standing ovation after each one of these...
Correct me if I am wrong, anyone. I was prepared to give them a

standing O after each song but, I don't think the crowd was up to that idea. lol

Three of a Perfect Pair
( Adrian wasn't quite in effects position for the solo part in this one, recovered nicely )

Vroom / Coda

Walking On Air

( Replaced "One Time" from last night, a gorgeous rendering, beautiful ! )

( Always a crowd favorite )

Level 5
Talking Drum

( Scorching ! )


There was a drum barrage intro here that included
the band and sounded like a new song was taking shape.
It held great promise. Tickledrop and her sister said that Tony sounded like a hellicopter while Robert sounded like a train. )


Encore again

We knew they were coming back out because
Martha, Leah and Ava were up at the stage clapping
along with the crowd...

They knew something we didn't.

Elephant Talk

E.T. is always special with Tony on the finger extensions, which look to me like sawed off drumsticks after seeing them a little closer, the tapping effect adds something to the performance. ( Though I do appreciate Trey Gunn's additions as well )

They were even tighter this night, more confidant after
first night jitters were swept away, which were undetectable
to this audient.

Again we stuck around the venue for a while, getting to know attendees and
releasing some of the electricity accumulated from another electrifying experience.

Stood around with Martha in the lobby for a bit, meeting a member of her family and
chatting about "the name" for a bit.

I was gifted with a coveted laminate, Access All Areas pass. ( as seen above )

Not wanting to be a pester, yet, not wanting to waste the opportunity, I decided to
wander back stage, passing Robert in the hallway, he did not speak, as expected.

I had to cross the stage to access the Greenroom, only way to get there. It was a mighty treat
to cross the Crimson stage while crew was busy with the load out. I half expected someone to
say something to me but, the power of the laminate made me invisible.

I went to the Greenroom where Adrian, Gavin and others were hanging about.
I got Gavin to sign my copy of his cd, "Drop", a collaboration with 05ric.
Adrian signed the gig poster.

I didn't stay long I didn't want to abuse the privilege or seem like a stalker
type fan.

Again, we strolled down to Bosco's and again, we were seated next to Adrian and company.
Adrian came over and sat with us for a while and signed some more "stuff".

It was a fabulous close to the wonderful musical portion of a great weekend.
I headed back to Franklin after saying goodbyes to new friends, brakes grinding and
scrunching all the way. They would have to wait... after all, I didn't need to use them
much on the way home.

When I did get home, I got my brakes repaired, the next day, my driver's side door
nearly fell off. It was kind of like the car in The Blue's Brothers Movie when it fell apart
at the end. lol

Glad it waited.


Tickledrop said...

Amazing what gets remembered when you don't smoke that wild weed all night! haha

Great fun Block! My sister is calling you Block now too, btw.

I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do... hmmm, no surprise there, it was a kc show after all, but I will soon send over a link to what I did capture. I hope you will like them all.

My trip to Nashville was fantastikc. I had no idea that I was ever at Hillsboro Village. On our way home, my sister and I stopped by the Grand Ole Opry, both the old and new locations, without ever knowing that we just saw KC where it was during the '30s. Very cool. And the new hotel there was mind blowing - Disney without Mickey or the rides, wow it was beautiful.

I look forward to visiting you all again and to see Adrian play in some band there. ;-)

blockdog said...

Thanks Tickledrop !
My memory is rusty enough without introducing "magic memory wipers".

I like to remember as much as I can of every day.

It was a grand time indeed, I'm sure I left out much.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, tell your sister I said "hey".

Look forward to your pix.