Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nashville Trip, Over Due Report


( not that anyone was really on the edge of their chair )

This trip was divided in purpose:

a. To visit with family
b. To witness the return of King Crimson ,Version VIII

I will address the "b." section of this journey in the two
following posts as to not cause those interested in show reports
to have to wade through the personal aspects.

Franklin is home to my oldest sister and her husband, my nephew,
his wife and daughter, live in the same neighborhood.
It is always nice to be able to combine pleasure with pleasure.

I arrived in Franklin on August 1st after making
he 4.5 hour drive from Eastern TN.

It was a lovely day, hot though it was.
carried with me boxes of family photos which
haven't been seen for many a moon, some I don't
know that I have ever seen or was too young to
These photos date back to the 1800s through the 1980s.

My other sister, here in the east, has been the keeper of
said boxes, not necessarily by choice.
So, it was to be a weekend of travel through history.
We started this process very soon after arrival pictures
pread out across the dining room table.

Lot's of memories, many of which had been buried and
were, suddenly, back in the light. More good ones
but some, I'd just as soon forget. Oh well, we must
face the past to understand the present, no ?

Friday evening was to be composed of dinner followed
by a nice evening of music under the stars.
As reported in an earlier post, we were to see jazz
songstress Annie Sellick and her band with
guest artist, Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck & The Flecktones.
As it turns out, Jeff Coffin had to cancel, no matter.

My sister had invited a friend to join us for dinner
and the concert, a lovely woman whom she
had met on the local Mah Jong circuit, which
seems to have quite the following in the community.

We enjoyed a nice dinner of lasagna ( taken from
a Southern Living recipe, can't go wrong.)
, fruit, bread and great company.

Then it was time to load up and head over to the concert.

I really like the community and the town of Franklin.
My sister's neighborhood is pretty new, in fact, building
is still in progress and eventually, they will have their own
shopping area which will eliminate the need to really go anywhere.
By contrast, I live in an older neighborhood from back in the day
when everyone has a good sized yard, no neighborhood organization to speak of
and, no rules per se. Of course we look out for each other and respect
our respective spaces, with some exceptions, but that's another story.

The sense of community there in my sister's 'hood is
something to behold, very attracting. This concert series
is a good example. Of course, lots of people of the music
industry reside there so, music has to play a part.

The homes are all magnifico and designed after older,
landmark architecture of downtown Franklin.

So, the neighbors gather on the lawn around a grand,
sculptured fountain with chairs, beverages, some with
food, to enjoy some fine music and witness the setting of
the sun.

I always keep a couple of bag chairs in my car for just such an occasion.

Annie Sellick and her band were very enjoyable.

Upright bass, drums,keyboard,trumpet and vocals. Mostly jazz standards.

( Editor's note: Blogger has an issue with line spacing after adding a picture in the body of a post, until I learn how to deal with said issue, we are stuck with double spacing, arrrgghhh. )

The company was the more enjoyable aspect of this concert on the lawn. My nephew and my sister's friend joined us. Eventually, we wandered up the street to finish the concert on the front porch of more friends of my sister's. We could still hear the music as long as it lasted but, conversation was now the order of the evening, most enjoyable.

The rest of the weekend in Franklin was pretty laid back, which as fine by me. Visiting, looking through the boxes of memories, enjoying good meals.

Sunday afternoon, I had my first lesson in Mah Jong when my sister invited yet another friend to join us and to give me some pointers and rules. Very much fun though, more complicated then I imagined.

Saturday night, at the first King Crimson show, I was fortunate enough to secure a second ticket for the Sunday show, my hope was that I could persuade my sister's friend ( from the Friday evening concert ) to join me. Sadly, due to health reasons, she had to decline. I was somewhat disappointed as I didn't see her again for the rest of my visit.

Monday was a relaxed leisurely morning, I loaded up and headed east around noon. I only made one stop on the way home, at a doomed Starbucks where I filled my cup and purchased five pounds of "Pike Place" whole coffee beans. ( Saving 10 bucks by bulk. ) ;-)

I'm enjoying a cup as we speak...

Read further if you are interested in the King Crimson shows.

( Which got posted in the wrong order, oops. )

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