Thursday, September 13, 2007

Discipline Global Mobile ( or DGM ) Update

Dear friends,
We bring exciting news of two amazing releases just added as pre-orders to the DGM shop. Read below for details on a critically praised new Crimson-inspired CD from Tony Levin. Also, we promised to add the Fripp & Eno release on September 1st, but due to a name and artwork change for this CD, we were just able to add Beyond Even today. Released to stores in the US, Europe and Japan in early November, you can pre-order your copy now. The first pressing of discs will contain two discs, one in which the music plays continuously. Once this stock is gone, the standard one disc version will be available. Beyond Even is a series of musical snapshots, ideas, tunes, pieces, covering a period of several years. Selected by Brian Eno, most are issued here for the first time on CD. Fripp & Eno - Beyond Even (1992 - 2006) Limited Edition
We are also thrilled to be working with Tony Levin on the release of his brand new CD, Stick Man, and we feel Tony is best equipped to describe to you his latest creation.
"Stick Man is a step in a new direction for me. Or perhaps in an old direction, because, from what listeners are telling me, it's come out quite Crimson-like. That could be because of the great participation by Pat Mastelotto on drums and percussion - also I was aiming at more raw, playing-oriented tracks. Backing off from the composition based writing I'd done recently, I've tried to feature not only both sides of the Stick, but some unusual bass techniques and sounds. There are a lot of tracks, (17) and it's mostly instrumental (especially if you consider my shouting not to be a song!) Oh, and we've decided it'd be nice to have me autograph the DGM pre-orders (and in fact I'm holed up in Cape Cod doing that right now -- nice to put the pen down and type a bit!) so if you pre-order, you'll have that, fairly legibly, on your CD! Hope to see you at a concert this coming year." - Tony
This cd, Tony Levin's 5th solo outing, is a breakthrough in numerous ways. It features the Chapman Stick (in addition to his basses) in ways it hasn't been heard before. With 17 tracks, 58 minutes of music, it's a prodigeous release - three tracks have Tony's vocals, the rest are unique sounding progressive instrumentals.
Most of the drumming on the CD is by King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, and Crimson fans will hear some tracks here that are reminiscent of the group. Tony Levin - Stick Man
As always, enjoy the music,The DGM Shop Team Discipline Global Mobile Not listed

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