Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tomorrow Morning

Sorry to load up with videos but hey, you can watch 'em or skip on down.
I just learned that John Cowan has recently had some health issues.
From his site:

September 12, 2007
John's Health
We wish to thank everyone for their calls, prayers, and wishes.
John had an episode of chest pain last thursday night which, upon careful evaluation, was found to be caused by a partial blockage in one coronary artery. Following a coronary artery stent insertion, he is expected to recover quickly and completely." John will be coming home from the hospital this friday morning. After a short hiatus the band will return to it's regular touring schedule as of September 28th & 29th (see schedule). Special thanks to all the fine promoters for their compassion and understanding! Many thanks again. John, Carol, Jeff, Tony, Shad, & all @ New Frontier Touring.

I wish John a speedy recovery and hope he is back on the road soon.


Anonymous said...

Great Cowan video, Block! I love to watch wonderful musicians play. Thanks for sharing it and congrats on the week-long success of your bloggie life! I'm having fun reading (even if I don't comment - or rather, even if I TRY to comment but the blog gods don't let my reply through!)

Sharon in early fall Maine

blockdog said...

Looks like you figgered it out this time, thanks for commenting.
John had a wee lyric slip towards the end, did you notice ? ;-)