Monday, September 17, 2007

Freedom's just another word...

...for nuthin' left to lose ?

I don't usually watch the big award shows but last night I sat through the Emmy Awards, mainly to see if Boston Legal would fare well as they had several nominations.
If you see my post titled "Stick It !" you will see why James Spader picked up a gold statue.

The telecast itself though, was filled with censored moments. I'm sure the most talked about incident was when Sally Field ( Yes, The Flying Nun ) picked up an Emmy for her role in Brothers & Sisters. The end of her acceptence speach included an homage to Mothers and specifically Mother's with children off to war.
Her finally sentence included some "language" that some will find offensive and an anti-war message bundled together. The Fox network saw fit to censor the last item.
Canadian television, however, let the program play out live, apparently speach is truly free north of the border.

You can watch the uncensored clip from Canadian television here.
(scroll down in the article to the video )

Technically, Field's censored words are not profane. A 2004 FCC ruling specifically stated no objection to the use of "god damn" on TV when making a judgment on the uproar over Bono swearing at the Golden Globes in 2003 where he used more colorful language. See the ruling — CLICK HERE

The James Spader speach ( as Alan Shore ) can be viewed here.
It's a little choppy as I think someone edited it down to a web friendly size, none
of the dialog is missing.
This is a fine example of what I like about Boston Legal. It gets quite silly at times but
usually, at some point, has something to say.

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