Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's beginning to sound a lot like "Side Four" is not as far off as it used to be.

Adrian Belew has been very busy, as always, releasing three solo albums
since 2005 with a fourth (Live) cd right around the corner. It will be the
first ever live release of Adrian Belew material under his own name. Side One and Side Two
were both released in 2005 while Side Three was turned loose in 2006. The Bears "Eureka" was also unleashed during this busy, productive period.
( Don't know The Bears ?, you should )

If you are not familiar with Mr. Belew's music, I highly recommend you check into his solo material, as well as The Bears. You have ,no doubt ,heard him performing on records by other well known artists but, rather then get into the long list ,as is covered in every other article relating to Adrian Belew, I will simply direct you to his website for your own research.

( click on the title of this thread ) or try this:

Adrian has a history of making solo records with himself as band but, he decided he wanted to try something different and put together a "Power Trio". For the sake of the studio output he borrowed the talents of Les Claypool(Primus) and Danny Carey (Tool) who contributed to a few tunes on Side One and Side Two. ( or was it Side Three ? )

At any rate, a road version was required so The Power Trio I was born consisting of Mike Hodges and Mike Gallaher along with Mike Adrian. A tour followed, the three were thunderous and mighty. I was fortunate enough to see them twice. The tour ended and for reasons unknown to this author, The Trio disbanded. I am "guessing" this because Adrian had a full plate and the Mike's had other obligations.

Trio II:
Adrian hooked up with The Slicktones
( this is my name for them and I apologize to anyone who would prefer I not use this moniker. )
Julie Slick, 21 and Eric Slick 20, siblings and graduates of The Paul Greene Rock School.

Another tour. ( see my post below ) They are currently in Mexico rocking the guacamole out of the inhabitants.
With road time under the belts of all, this trio has become a cohesive, monster unit.
Much more information can obtained at Adrian's site and my link to "In Her Own Write" in the right hand column of this blog.

If I am not mistaken, Side Four was recorded twice, once with each trio.
In my fantasy world, and that's all it is, Side Four would be a double disc which would include the finished product from both of the Power Trios. It could even be called the "Double Trio" which is a phrase borrowed from Mr. Fripp with a King Crimson reference. I am sure, for legal reasons and finacial reasons, this could not happen.

Anyway, get out there and collect the Belew catalog, solo and otherwise.
Lately I have been listening to Adrian's contributions to " Remain In Light" - Talking Heads
( in glorious surround sound ) and Graceland (remastered) by Paul Simon.

Anxious for "Side Four",


belewbloggfan said...

Hi Block Dog!
Thanks so much for adding the link to my blog - 'out of the belew'.... :-)

Another excellent blog - can't wait for SIDE 4 LIVE!!!!!

I didn't realise that the ABPT - 2 mikes version recorded a live Side 4... that would be a killer double CD well worth every cent...

blockdog said...

I could be wrong, have been before and will be again. ;-)